vMSC Explained – Part 2: The Potential Solution


In my last article, I discussed a typical dual-site scenario where storage replication is used to synchronously mirror a volume or LUN object between data centers.

The goal is to mitigate the risk of Data Center failure. While it does that in some ways by creating multiple copies of data, the failover process is complex, depending on the scenario. Data can become corrupt, and systems can become isolated. There is no room for error in this design process.

Bad SAN design occurs from time to time in the Industry, and can maybe contribute to bad feeling against shared storage platforms. My view is that much of the problem comes from not designing for scalability moving forward, thus introducing an unmanageable beast. As the environment expands, performance gets worse. This is often due to aforementioned bad design, rather than a threshold or limit reached on the controllers, for example.

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vMSC Explained – Part 2: The Potential Solution

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