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Hitachi Adapters and Plugins 101

While starting to plan a couple of blogs recently on a new vRealize Operations Manager adapter for our UCP converged platform, it occurred to me that many may not know the different options that are in the Hitachi portfolio. So I decided to take it back to the start and provide an overview of what we have and […]

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HDS SRA and VMware SRM 6.0 Certification Complete

HDS has now completed certification and qualification requirements for VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 6.0 with SRA 2.1.4. As of now all Hitachi block storage arrays certified with SRM 5.5 are certified with SRM 6.0. The storage array models supported include VSP G1000, HUS VM, VSP, HUS, and USP V/VM. The certifications have been posted on […]

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Application Dependency Mapping with vCenter Infrastructure Navigator (VIN)

If you need to perform Application Dependency Mapping – ADM – also called Application Dependency Planning – ADP, there are a lot of different ways you can do so. Some automatically using software, some manually using software, and some using a pen and paper and workshops. You will likely use a combination of some or all of the […]

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Hitachi HDLM Multipathing for vSphere Latest Docs

HDLM HDLM stands for Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager which is our multi-pathing software for regular OSes such as Windows, Linux etc but also for vSphere. You can install a VIB and use this to optimise storage performance in Hitachi storage environments. I came across these documents yesterday as part of something I was doing. I thought […]

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Classification and Detection of Zombie Virtual Machines … Which tools should I use?

In this post I want to discuss what makes an Orphan or a Zombie in a VMware environment. I also want to introduce some of my favourite tools for detecting these malodorous fiendish creatures which can wreak havoc within your virtual world. From time to time you might come across Orphaned or Zombie virtual machine […]

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