Month: November 2013

vMSC Explained – Part 2: The Potential Solution

Recap In my last article, I discussed a typical dual-site scenario where storage replication is used to synchronously mirror a volume or LUN object between data centers. The goal is to mitigate the risk of Data Center failure. While it does that in some ways by creating multiple copies of data, the failover process is […]

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vMSC Explained – Part 1: The Challenge

First and foremost, vMSC stands for vSphere Metro Storage Cluster, that is, a vSphere HA/DRS cluster stretched over distance. After attending Duncan Epping & Lee Dilworths presentation at VMworld 2013 on vSphere Metro Storage Clusters (Session BCO4872), it got me thinking about writing this article. The use case for vMSC is pretty clear….to provide VM […]

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