vMSC Explained – Part 1: The Challenge

First and foremost, vMSC stands for vSphere Metro Storage Cluster, that is, a vSphere HA/DRS cluster stretched over distance. After attending Duncan Epping & Lee Dilworths presentation at VMworld 2013 on vSphere Metro Storage Clusters (Session BCO4872), it got me thinking about writing this article.

The use case for vMSC is pretty clear….to provide VM mobility and resilience across Data Centers. As a storage practitioner for 12 years, one of the Achilles heels of Inter-Data Center Failover has been not only the Ethernet network, but also the storage replication mechanism used. Maintaining consistent IP connectivity during and after failover events can present complications, but these can be surmounted using Layer-2 LAN extensions, DNS and other technology.

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vMSC Explained – Part 1: The Challenge

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