Delegate at Virtualization Field Day 3 #VFD3

Yesterday I received an invitation from @gestaltit to Virtualization Field Day 3, Hashtag #VFD3.

The homepage to the event is here:

I’m absolutely delighted as it’s a great opportunity not only to meet some great people in the industry, hear about some of the most exciting technology directly from the vendors involved, but also to take time out to soak up a lot of information away from the stress of the day job.

The Field Day events span different technology pillars such as Networking, Storage and Virtualization.

The third Virtualization Field Day is in March and involves inviting a number of active bloggers, writers and consultants to spend two or three days in the company of some of the leading vendors in the Virtualization space. We will head to Mountain View ish…details to follow, so its right in the cradle of most of the cutting edge tech bubbling up to the surface right now.

So far, Atlantis and VMturbo have signed up as Sponsors.There will be many more.

These are two companies with exciting technology. I believe anyone looking at a VDI solution should certainly consider Atlantis and other companies like them using server RAM intelligently to provide an alternative to existing VDI solutions. Solutions like this one can help reduce scale and cost.

VMturbo operate in an area close to my heart – IT management software. I’m often saying that the Management layer, particularly for Virtualization and Cloud platforms is not intelligent enough to properly analyze and interpret data, and provide meaningful actionable recommendations and visibility of what’s important. That’s why I like VMware vCOPs, so I’m looking forward to learning more about them.

There will be several others and the format is as follows: Each vendor presents to the delegates in a fairly intimate space. What excites me is that the presenters are often CTO/Directors of Engineering, which means you cannot have a better person in the room to understand the vendors tech and ask the very tricky technical questions.

For full disclosure, Sponsors cover costs but bloggers are not obliged to blog at all, and certainly not to be anything other than 100% objective.

Ultimately this is a great opportunity to arm yourself with additional weapons to better advise (your) customers, either as an analyst or thought leader in your space, or in a customer-facing role, to ensure they can implement cost-effective solutions that are easy to manage and easy to scale.

As the vendors are announced I will be making further posts…..

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Delegate at Virtualization Field Day 3 #VFD3

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