#VCDX Constraint: LBT (and vSphere Distributed vSwitch) ?

While creating a VCDX design, you consider common decision criteria and use cases and revisit them over and over. You baseline & compare design decisions against alternatives. These alternatives can be raised for your consideration during your defence. One of the most common and subjective examples is the use of different logical network designs in […]

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Certification is not just for Christmas ;-)

Having completed both VMware Advanced VCAP Certifications this year, it’s time for a little bit of reflection on what getting these certifications actually means, whether they’re worthwhile, and if so why. I obviously wouldn’t have done them if I didn’t believe in them, but still…. it’s worth exploring the benefits…and hopefully this might generate some […]

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Managing your Virtual DataCenter – 4 Key Strategies

While recently studying for VMware Advanced Professional Datacenter Design exam, I had the chance to study documents in the VCAP-DCD blueprint. Some of these documents provide insights into effective strategies to use before, during, and after deploying a Virtual Infrastructure. In terms of the “after” piece, one document caught my eye. It is the Glasshouse Whitepaper entitled […]

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VMware #VCDX Boot camp review 13/10/13

I was lucky enough to attend the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) boot camp the Sunday before VMworld started at Hotel Melia, Barcelona. I would highly recommend it to anyone at advanced certification stage getting ready to launch into the VCDX process, and especially for those getting ready to defend their VCDX submissions. It’s open […]

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Thick versus Thin on VMware – a subject with a deep impact

I have been working lately with vmware & storage in environments where presentation of storage at different layers within the stack and the ability to report and understand usage and over-provisioning is a difficult challenge. In Vsphere 4.X this could be a ticking time bomb – at least that’s been my recent experience – so I’m blogging […]

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