Month: March 2015

Virtualisation Poll Result 1: CPU and Memory Utlilisation

Recently I wrote a post looking for assistance with some questions regarding real-world Virtualisation deployments. It was partly for curiosity and personal reasons and partly for work-related reasons. I’m wishing now I had expanded it to make it more extensive. I plan to run the same thing later in the year and try and make this an annual […]

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HDS VMware VVol Deeper Dive

In the next post in his series over at my colleague Paul Morrissey, HDS Global Product Manager for Virtualisation, delves a little deeper into the mapping between workloads and backend capabilities. This post focuses more on Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM) and how this works in practice. So a bit more on the practical side of protocol […]

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VVol Series: Introduction on

I’m delighted to be able to write this note linking to my colleague Paul Morrissey’s post related to VVol technology, over at the portal which is a public service for customers, partners and those interested in our technology. Paul is HDS Global Product Manager for VMware Solutions so he is best placed to dive deep on the […]

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Virtualisation Poll: Please Help by sharing

Hi, I’m looking to get some information regarding the average utilisation of virtualisation environments across the industry. This is not just for vSphere but Hyper-V and KVM too. There are only a few questions and this is to help me with design considerations and help guide good practice based on what is common in the industry, […]

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