It’s all about the Community: Let’s talk storage at UK VMUG [minus Koolaid]

Next week I’ve been asked to run a Community round table session at the UK VMUG.

Not a word of a lie when I say this is a real honour for me. I haven’t done many of these so to be able to get involved and help out at this is a real pleasure.

This is in Birmingham at the National Motorcycle Museum.

It’s an awesome session with some really great sessions and speakers like Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman, Cormac Hogan, Alan Renouf, Joe Baguley, not to mention Chris Wahl. So an amazing event with almost 500 people.

The sessions are superb: Check them out here: 

It’s a kind of open-ended session called Storage For Dummies. It could be shallow or deep – the idea is just to foster a conversation and see where it goes.

So let’s try the old Conceptual -> Logical -> Physical top-down approach

It is a community session so I can personally guarantee there will be no Hitachi Koolaid on display.

I have huge respect for the VMUG UK team (Alaric, Jane, Simon etc)  and have many many friends in the UK VMware Virtualisation community. So I can’t wait to meet up with them over there.

On Monday night we have the vCurry which in Birmingham is always memorable so looking forward to the mandatory amount of socialising with good buddies old and new.

Hope to see you all there :=)

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It’s all about the Community: Let’s talk storage at UK VMUG [minus Koolaid]

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