Some new Study resources for VCP

Part of my remit in HDS is to help my colleagues within the EMEA region to focus more on being Virtualisation Architects, and less on being Storage Architects, and to advise and assist based on my own experience. I am a big advocate of VMware’s certification model and the whole ecosystem, so it makes sense to borrow and replicate the most useful parts.

It’s daunting when you first face down a blueprint – even for VCP.

I didn’t use the blueprint so much back then, which might explain why I didn’t really enjoy the study process. I’ve been collecting materials from the blueprint for colleagues and thought why not throw them up here for all.

I’ve created a new page where I will start to collate information on whatever activities I’m involved in. I hope it’s useful – it may already exist elsewhere – if it does now there’s another way to increase your skill levels and make your CV even hotter than it already is ;-).

The first page is a link to the blueprint resources  for VCP550-DV which is  the VCP exam for vSphere 5.5 in the Datacenter Virtualisation pillar/track. Here’s the page: VCP550-DV Blueprint resources.

You can also do the VCP for version 5.1 of vSphere but I don’t recommend that now. 5.1 has been out a long time now and it’s folly to consider doing that exam as you will be out of step with the current version. This is particularly the case with Single Sign-on which is a critical operational and design consideration.


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Some new Study resources for VCP

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