Automation 101 – I’m not a developer. What now?

How can anyone ever end up in Automation projects and discussions without being a developer ? Hitachi Enterprise Cloud Well, it can easily happen ūüôā and it started for me when I worked on the creation of the Hitachi Enterprise Cloud (HEC) offering four/five years ago. This is a bundling of: Hitachi Converged and Hyperconverged […]

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#VCDX Post: Attributes of a successful defender

There are some key attributes I have seen in mentoring and being involved in VCDX mock defences that usually lead to successful defence outcomes. This does not mean exposing anything about VMware’s VCDX Rubrik (scoring model) which only panelists and VCDX Committee members have access to. In this post, I want to focus on candidate […]

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Vote for session 9057: vRA and VVol Perfect together

For anyone interested in VMware VVol technology you need to get ready for the takeoff of this technology in 2017. I have submitted a breakout session for how to use this awesome technology as part of your vRealize Automation deployment. It makes so much sense to put this at the centre of a Cloud deployment […]

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VMware VVol Part 6: The mythical Protocol Endpoint

The VVol Blog Series: Part 1: Introduction Part 2: With and Without VVols Part 3: New Storage Constructs Part 4: How are VVols instantiated Part 5: Storage Containers & Capability Profiles Part 6: The Mythical Protocol Endpoint Last time we looked at Storage Containers, Capability Profiles¬†and storage policy-based data placement (based on matching of rules). […]

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Hitachi Storage Adapters & Plugins: Product Overview

In my¬†last post (HERE)¬†I gave an overview of the plugins available within¬†the Hitachi VMware Portfolio. I can tell you there¬†is an imperative to create compelling feature-sets that add value for customers i.e. not just adapters for the sake of them. In this post I take a slightly deeper look at adapter structure and delivery models¬†for […]

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