VMware VVol Series: Part 3 Implementation Considerations and availability

The whole area of VVols will require quite a bit of consideration and people are wondering how it is implemented i.e. what does that really look like. In the latest post in this three-part series my colleague Paul Morrissey discusses a little bit more regarding what the deployment looks like as well as support for […]

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HDS VMware VVol Deeper Dive

In the next post in his series over at community.hds.com my colleague Paul Morrissey, HDS Global Product Manager for Virtualisation, delves a little deeper into the mapping between workloads and backend capabilities. This post focuses more on Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM) and how this works in practice. So a bit more on the practical side of protocol […]

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VVol Series: Introduction on HDS.com

I’m delighted to be able to write this note linking to my colleague Paul Morrissey’s post related to VVol technology, over at the community.hds.com portal which is a public service for customers, partners and those interested in our technology. Paul is HDS Global Product Manager for VMware Solutions so he is best placed to dive deep on the […]

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VVOL Demo by HDS: Worth a Watch (but let’s be careful out there)

Disclaimer: I work for Hitachi Data Systems. However this post is not officially sanctioned by or speaks on behalf of my company. These thoughts are my own based on my experience. Use at your own discretion. Pretty much the entire world knows that in the last week or so VMware announced vSphere 6.0. I haven’t written […]

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