Hitachi Adapters and Plugins 101

While starting to plan a couple of blogs recently on a new vRealize Operations Manager adapter for our UCP converged platform, it occurred to me that many may not know the different options that are in the Hitachi portfolio.

So I decided to take it back to the start and provide an overview of what we have and “where to get them”.

Firstly there is a huge amount of engineering effort that goes into creating tie-ins between lots of different VMware products and Hitachi products. Some of these are what I would call traditional. So things like

  • Hitachi Storage Management Packs for vCenter Operations Manager
  • Hitachi Server Management Packs for vCenter Operations Manager
  • Storage Plugins for vCenter

Most of these packs do what the say on the tin. The integration provides deeper insight and better top-to-bottom visibility when managing vSphere running on Hitachi products.

There is a big emphasis by Engineering on providing a means to troubleshoot problems quicker rather than just churn stuff out.

There are also more recent additions to the portfolio as you can see in this screenshot. I’ll explain more on this in a while. However you can see tie-ins with vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) and before that vCenter Orchestrator as well as for products such as vRealize LogInsight (A.K.A vRLi) which was recently added.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 14.48.50.png
Sample of Hitachi VMware adapters

Hypervisor product parity

Typically we have product (and in some cases feature-) parity between the integration elements for vSphere and Hyper-V. So you will typically find an equivalent product on the Microsoft side.


In general, if you already have vROps, vRLi licensed then you can use our management packs for free.

In cases like the storage adapter for vROps and vCOps you need to have Hitachi Device Manager (HDVM) and Tuning Manager (HTnM) but the benefit of using the adapters is a virtual-centric view of your infrastructure blending performance, utilisation, alerting and configuration information from the native Hitachi tools.

Where can I get them

There are two places (well three if you ask a friendly HDS employee 😉

First is the Hitachi Portal for partners and customers: This is the best place to get the latest versions.

Once you login just click on Partner Exchange (that’s what I see):


Then you land at the Portal homepage:

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 14.46.07.png
Hitachi Portal Landing Page

From here you click on Technical Resources

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 14.48.02.png

From there, Tools and Support:

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 14.48.12.png

Then you can select Software and Firmware Downloads for your system:

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 14.48.33.png

On the next page you can search for VMware and select all the adapters as I showed above:

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 14.48.50.png

VMware Solutions Exchange

You can get all third party integration suits on VSX.

Most VMware admins and designers are familiar with this site:

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 14.35.11.png
VSX Home page

Click on Cloud Management Marketplace:

From the screen that loads just search for Hitachi and you will find 21 products, adapters, management packs etc.

VSX search.png

In the next post I’ll explain bundling and how Adapters are named/numbered and shipped together, so you’ll know what you get inside an management pack.

Before the next one here is a full version of the adapter and management pack list as it exists today:

The Overall List

  • UCP Director Management Packs for
    • vCenter Operations Manager (vCOps)
    • vRealize Operations Manager (vROps)
    • These are management packs that offer a consolidated view of UCP converged platform.
  • Hitachi Storage Adapter (Management Pack) for
    • vCOps
    • vROps
  • Hitachi Storage Connector for
    • vCO
    • vRO
  • Hitachi Server Connector for
    • vCO
    • vRO
  • vCenter Plugins
    • Compute Plugin for Hitachi Servers
    • Storage plugin for management operations
  • SRM Storage Replication Adapters
    • for Block Storage
    • for NFS (HNAS) storage
  • VASA Provider for VMware
  • Content packs for vRealize LogInsight for
    • Storage
    • Hitachi Servers (Compute)
  • UCP Director for VMware
    • Our converged software and hardware with 250 API calls you can make to magically orchestrate infrastructure.
    • This is a whole set of posts on it’s own and a separate product. So you can’t download this one for free 🙂
  • Virtual Infrastructure Integrator (V2I)
    • Simple, powerful, vCenter-based backup engine with Hitachi hardware snapshots only, that drives application-consistent backups all scheduled from a simple vCenter instance.
    • This is not a free product but very powerful for highly virtualised environments.


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Hitachi Adapters and Plugins 101

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