My VMworld 2015 USA Session Schedule

This year is my first time to attend VMworld USA. Will be great to get the chance to meet up with some great community comrades and also see the bigger scale. For me this is also the first time to be doing some presentations on behalf of the company. Probably booth-based in our booth theatre but let’s see what happens.

When I’m not at customer meetings or booth duty I wanted to share  my current session list. For me there are a few main areas of focus

  • Automation (agnostic)
  • vRealize Automation Suite
  • Service Catalog Design and Automation
  • Microservices / Docker / Applications in the 21 Century and how to automate them
  • vSphere advanced topics – Performance, Certificate Management, VCSA, NSX deep dive
  • vCloud Air as part of a coherent DR strategy
  • Openstack (VIO)

STO4650-QT  —  Five Common Customer Use Cases for Virtual SAN
CNA5983-QT  —  Accelerating Innovation with Microservices
MGT5913  —  How VMware Improved Developer Productivity with vRealize Automation to Deploy the vRealize Automation Application Stack
CNA4590  —  Container Orchestration with the SDDC
NET4989  —  The Future of Network Virtualization with VMware NSX
HBC5201  —  Technical Deep Dive on vCloud Air Advanced & Hybrid Networking Services, Powered by VMware NSX
INF4528  —  vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) Best Practices & Tips/Tricks
MGT5905  —  How VMware uses vRealize Suite to Manage Its Engineering Labs:  A Deep Dive
CNA5636  —  Ask the experts: Microservices on VMware
MGT5318  —  Becoming a vRealize Automagician: Why Automation isn’t Automatic
INF5211  —  Automating Everything VMware with PowerCLI – Deep Dive
MGT5563  —  Automate the Deployment and Testing of vRealize Automation Configurations, Templates and Workflows Using vRealize CodeStream
SDDC5839  —  vRealize Automation or OpenStack? Uncovering the Right IaaS for Your Business
STO6284-SPO  —  New Ideas for Simply Better VM Automation, Business Continuity and  Data Protection with and without Virtual Volumes
MGT6525-GD  —  Automation for Service/Catalog Item Provisioning and Management with Naomi Sullivan
STO5522  —  Virtual Volumes Technical Panel
INF5229  —  Docker and Fargo: Exploding the Linux Container Host
MGT5151  —  vRealize Automation or VMware Integrated Openstack or Both?
INF5701  —  Extreme Performance Series: vSphere Compute & Memory
INF4529  —  VMware Certificate Management for Mere Mortals
MGT6001  —  vRealize Scale Scaling vRealize Automation to Ten Thousand Managed Machines and Beyond!


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My VMworld 2015 USA Session Schedule

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